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A history of the Anfi UK Members' Club and relationships with Anfi Management and other European Owner Clubs

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Welcome to my history

My wife, Patricia & I first bought into timeshare in 1994 and, even though we sold up in 2011, we have only just finished reaping the benefits and joys through remaining weeks held in timeshare banks.

Our first purchase was at Anfi Beach Club. At that time, this held the premier position in Europe in the rankings of RCI affiliated resorts and was in the top ten of the worldwide list.

At the end of our first full holiday in May 1995, we knew we would return time and again both for the resort and the island of Gran Canaria. This was the start of 16 years of very enjoyable holidays at Anfi.

This, however, is not about my timeshare history but about events during my time as a co-founder, secretary & then chairman of a SOCIAL club for satisfied owners of the spectacular Anfi Del Mar and, more recently, Anfi Tauro timeshare resorts in Gran Canaria. The club was originally formed to share information, offer support, provide advice and enjoy comradeship with other like minded people - namely the ANFI UK MEMBERS' CLUB.

My original history was minimalistic but I am now adding to the content with more memories. Chapters 1 to 16 are now available and I hope to publish additional chapters over the coming months.

My apologies for the delay in publishing the remainder of Chapter 16. This is proving a littler more difficult to get completed satisfactorily.

The Story details the developments in the Anfi UK Members' Club from its conception around the Anfi Beach Club bar in May 1997, via its relationships with Anfi Committees/Management and other European Anfi Clubs to the, potentially, harmful changes in direction from 2012 and the current lack of direction and leadership and will probably contain a few home truths.

I have included a few photographs on each page but will be adding a more comprehensive photo album later.

This is my story and my opinion - Bruce E. Bailey (ably assisted by my wife Patricia) [updated 10/03/2015]

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Each chapter explains the activities during a full year and is separated by colour for ease of understanding.

Black = Anfi UK Members' Club

Red = Anfi Resort & Management

Green = Anfi Resort Committees

Blue = European Anfi Clubs

Chapters 3, 4, 5 & 6 added - 28th July 2013
Chapter 7 added -  5th August  2013
Chapter 8 added - 10th August 2013

Chapter 9 added - 19th August 2013
Chapter 10 added - 26th August 2013

Chapter 11 added - 5th September 2013
Chapter 12 added - 16th September 2013
Chapter 13 added - 1st October 2013
Additions made to chapters 9 & 13 - 17th October 2013
Chapter 14 added - 4th November 2013
Chapter 15 added - 2nd December 2013
Chapter 16 added - 24th April 2014 (3 notes still to complete)

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